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Anthony White, RN

The Journey:  From Patient to Board Member

Anthony White, RN, has a unique perspective on our services.

He first experienced the clinic as a patient, while he was going to school.  He credits Neighborhood Clinic with making it possible for him to get his medical needs met while living on a student budget.  And what was he going to school for?  To train as a Registered Nurse, what else?!  Utilizing the resources available to him to keep him healthy and ready to learn, he completed his studies.

After graduating and obtaining his RN license, Anthony returned to Neighborhood Clinic, this time as a volunteer.  In his new role, he was able to ensure that other patients received the same respect and holistic attention that he had experienced as a patient.

He was later moved to join the Neighborhood Clinic’s volunteer Board of Directors, where he brings his insights as both a former patient and nurse volunteer to help with long-term planning and governance to lift up our clinic.  In his career, he brings his professional nursing skills and genuine empathy and warmth to care for the elderly in a local adult care facility.

We appreciate the very well-rounded perspective, energy and commitment that Anthony brings to Neighborhood Clinic!

To all you students out there – follow your dreams, and take advantage of community resources when you need them – that’s why we (and others) are here!  

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