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  • [Translation: A very calm atmosphere. We came on recommendation but it soon became our home. You can feel the love and passion in these volunteers, we are sure to have been well cared for, respected, and not discriminated against, which is very special being in the US. Thank you.]
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    “I’ve had this crack in my tooth for a while, it robbed me of my perfect smile. I wanted it fixed for so long, so bad, and these guys just gave it back. I didn’t trust anybody with it and these guys did exactly what I wanted with it. Amazing service and job.​”

    - Jesse​

  • "Un ambiente muy calido, llegamos recomendados pero pronto se hizo nuestro hogar. Se siente el sentimiento de amor y pasión en estos voluntarios, tenemos seguridad de haber sido bien atendidos, respetados y no discriminados, lo que es muy especial estando en USA; gracias."

    - Vanessa

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    "​I'm very happy with how efficiently and fast these people helped me. When I have (inside) pains, only these doctors and assistants and/or nurses had a lot of patients (no pun intended) and compassion. They take time with people and didn't just guesstimate, they really understood what I meant and thought.​"​
    - B. Dianne